Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Faith in Public Life

On Tuesdays, we will be featuring links to some of our favorite websites, lists, and partners that broaden our thinking on the commons.  Check back Thursday for our next post from the Taxes and the Commons series that will look at what we can be thankful for when it comes to paying taxes, as April 18th draws closer.

Faith in Public Life is an excellent daily newsfeed of current events that reflect various points of view from people of faith, or about issues that have spiritual elements or overtones.  Faith in Public Life also publishes a daily blog and the following is a snippet from a much longer piece which you can read on their website.  Sign up at www.faithinpubliclife.org to read high quality and thoughtful reports and commentary from a faith perspective on the issues of the day.
Budgeting is about priorities, about using our resources in ways that reflect our values. Politicians want to preserve tax breaks for big oil companies, yet cut funding for vital programs that provide health care to our seniors, children and disabled citizens. That is a direct reflection of what our elected representatives care most about. Our public schools are a primary means by which we fulfill our moral obligation to prepare all children for a bright future. Yet, funding education cuts proposed in HR-1 would total $11.5 billion. Ten aircraft carriers, the first to be completed in 2015, the last in 2040, will cost $120 billion. Couldn't we just build nine and make sure our children get the education they deserve?
By: Michael Livingston, Director of the National Council of Churches Poverty Initiative

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