Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Economic Policy Institute

On Tuesdays, we share updates and information from key commons partners we think you should know about. Today we want to point you towards the work of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). Their tagline is “Research & Ideas for Shared Prosperity,” and that sums it up well. EPI does fantastic research on the impact of various economic policies on low- and middle-income Americans. The State of Working America comes out every two years, and the accompanying website offers a wealth of charts and graphs based on specific demographic groups and issue areas.

When you have a second, visit their website and sign-up for their newsletter to hear about the their latest research and findings (right-hand side of the homepage, about half-way down). Their work on the Federal Budget, Deficit, and Taxes is particularly interesting given our recent series on taxes and includes a great analysis of The People’s Budget.

Come back Thursday to read the last post in our Thursday series on Taxes and the Commons. Kim Klein will look at tax options that won’t break the bank, but will generate a lot of revenue.

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