Thursday, November 11, 2010

US One of Least Taxed Countries

In this blog post, I want to share with readers the following report from Citizens for Tax Justice, which lays to rest any mythology that Americans pay a lot of taxes.  It is clear that revenue increases must be part of the solution to debt.  Decreasing debt by increasing human suffering is immoral and, more to the point, unworkable.  Cutting public service programs simply throws people who need these services onto those public agencies which cannot be cut (such as emergency rooms), strains existing public services to a breaking point, or provides a pipeline to one of America’s favorite ways of dealing with needy people: criminalizing their behavior and sending them to prison.  All of these options cost money, and so debt is deferred but not reduced.

There are dozens of fair and just revenue solutions which would decrease unemployment, reduce (and eventually end) poverty, and address health care and climate change issues.  Tax revenue is an integral component of any conversation about the common good, and that conversation will begin when Americans realize that people in other developed countries live much better and longer than we do because they pay taxes.

United States Remains One of the Least Taxed Industrial Countries (PDF)

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