Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Call-in Day to Stop Cuts to Unemployment

Groups across the country are sending out announcements today asking folks to call their representatives and stop them from cutting unemployment benefits. Their message? Don’t cut benefits for the unemployed to pay for MORE tax cuts for millionaires!

In last week’s Real Change interview post, Kim Klein noted that “what we do with tax dollars is a mirror of community values.” Our friends at Citizens for Tax Justice point out that, “if Congress fails to continue the unemployment programs, 2 million people in December alone will be left with no income. In the next five months it will be almost 6 million people.” What does this say about our values as a nation when at the same time as talk of these cuts is happening, talk of extending the Bush tax cuts is going on as well?

Furthermore, EPI analysts have shown that “maintaining these extended unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed will create about 700,000 full-time equivalent jobs and save millions of people from poverty. The authors also note that because unemployment insurance benefits are quickly invested in local communities, thereby stimulating economies and creating jobs, the “sticker price” of these benefits is considerably less than advertised.” (Read more in their issue brief A Good Deal for All)

To call your representatives today, Go to www.usaction.org or call 1-866-606-1189.

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Caroline McAndrews said...

One more call from National Women's Law Center that explains the situation well: http://action.nwlc.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=35641.0&dlv_id=31741