Tuesday, July 27, 2010

USSF 2010: Campaign Against Violence – The League of Young Voters

As we mentioned in an earlier post, the Building Movement Project, in partnership with many groups, participated in a People’s Movement Assembly at the US Social Forum last month, which drew over 100 participants from all over the US and the world.

One of our partners in organizing the session was Campaign Against Violence, which is the local Wisconsin League of Young Voters. They joined the process because they have begun to use a commons framework to tie their different projects and organizing campaigns together. They call this approach Love Peace & Green, which recognizes that “there are many components that contribute toward inner-city violence. [They] are focused on solving the problem from a wholistic approach.”

This approach includes:
  • Developing leaders and spaces to discuss and address community issues,
  • Promoting non-violence and tools to directly address violence in their community, and
  • Focusing on the environment in order to ensure that future generations and residents will have a healthy and sustainable place to live.
For more information on their program, campaigns, and approaches, please visit their website.


Butterfly said...

Thanks Kim for the shout out. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot about the commons and how to talk about it within our communities.

Caroline McAndrews said...

It was great to learn about your work and I hope we get to work together in the future!