Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Two at Blue Mountain Center

Day two at Blue Mountain Center dawned bright, clear and bacon free! We opened with a discussion about how health care can be viewed through the lens of the Commons. Messaging research has shown us that most Americans think about health care from a consumer perspective. We spent the morning exploring the challenges of breaking free of the dominant frame.

Following this we jumped into a report from Detroit which focused on healthy communities, and expanded on the conversation from the morning, which led to the connection that the health of a community is much more than just health care. Detroiters are crossing boundaries by using the Commons to connect across issue areas. As private ownership is on the rise, groups are coming together to lay claim to what is commonly held or should be.

We ended the day with an update on the progress of the Common Security Club process one year out from its launch. More than 100 small groups have participated in the process and we had the opportunity to experience parts of the curriculum and discuss its future implications.

We head home tomorrow and will update you on what we’ve learned in the coming weeks.

Highlights from participants include:

Kim Klein: When reflecting on the games we played I was reminded how important it is to question the rules and the authority associated with who sets the rules and why we follow them. Questioning our assumptions is an important part of promoting a commons based framework.

Stephanie Roth: During the health care discussion, it was pointed out that the health of the community is more than just health care—clean air, clean water, jobs, access to healthy food and transportation—all of these things contribute to the overall health of the community.

Robby Rodriguez: Hearing Lottie talk about the digital justice work in Detroit and its relation to the commons highlighted for me the right to communicate as a fundamental piece of a healthy community.

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Rona Fernandez said...

cool. wish i coulda been there for the health care discussion. i'm sure it was spirited. but, really y'all, NO BACON?? i hope there was a protest! ;)