Sunday, November 1, 2009

Away this week

This week we will be in upstate New York at Blue Mountain Center discussing "The Applied Commons: Exploring Commons-Based Solutions to Pressing Social Problems."

Our goal for the meeting is to leave with a group of tools, exercises, and discussion ideas that we can all test in our own work and communities – even those of us who are not directly working on commons issues. To this end, we’ve invited not only folks working directly on commons issues, but also practitioners, trainers, and organizers who don’t necessarily define their work as “commons” work. We hope that the combination will allow us to break through some of the barriers that have arisen using this framework, as well as develop tools that can be tested in the coming year.

We will be blogging from the meeting with updates and interesting questions that come up and look forward to sharing the results when we return.

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Rona Fernandez said...

Oh cool! Glad you'll be blogging while you're up there. I can semi-'participate' virtually. Yay for well-utilized technology!